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Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but it can come with many fears and concerns for expectant mothers. Exercise and in particular, the right exercise is sometimes an area that many mums-to-be are unclear on, but keeping fit and active during pregnancy has many benefits. Additionally, once baby is born, exercising in the right way can help to get your pre-pregnancy body back.

Benefits of pre-natal exercise:

There are many benefits to exercising during pregnancy, such as reducing weight gain, swelling, sore / uncomfortable muscles and eventually helping with reducing labour pain, while also making labour easier / shorter. Exercising during pregnancy also helps to improve self confidence and body image, at a time when some women can find physical changes quite daunting, while also improving fitness levels Regular exercise will also help to improve circulation, which is under pressure during the first and third trimesters generally.

Why come to Butterfly Training?

As well as being a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, I'm also fully qualified in pre & post-natal programming, which is essential if you are either a new, or expectant mum wishing to exercise and improve your fitness. There are many physiological changes during and after pregnancy, which affect our capabilities and boundaries to exercise during these times. For example, exercises which might be possible during your first trimester will not be recommended after birth. Additionally, each trimester poses different challenges and physiological changes to a woman's body, so exercises would need to be adapted or changed accordingly, while keeping mum safe at all times.


I have heard many stories from mums, who have engaged in physical activity after giving birth - perhaps with a Personal Trainer without specialist knowledge, or attending a boot camp session - and when they discuss what exercises they were given, I'm horrified. Doing the wrong exercise massively increases the risk of injury and internal damage during these times.


Training with me ensures you will be working with someone who has full, specialist knowledge in pre & post natal exercise and nutrition and is striving for the best results possible, for you.

Benefits of post-natal exercise:

Your body has been through major changes and adaptations during pregnancy and once you are able to start exercising again (usually after your 6 week post-birth check up, or 10-12 weeks post birth if you had a caesarean), you can start to get your body back to its strongest Major pressure is put on muscles such as abdominals and pelvic floor, with posture and pelvic alignment also being affected. Exercising in the right way after birth, can quickly help to strengthen muscles, lose weight, improve  posture & pelvic alignment, increasing confidence and help with pelvic floor function. Many new mums neglect themselves after birth, without realising the importance of 'rebuilding' their bodies. For example, pelvic floor muscles are extremely important in helping to control the bladder and their job can be drastically improved through engaging in proper post-natal fitness.