Baby massage is a wonderful way to bond with your baby and is now extremely popular in the Western world. Benefits for both you and your baby include:

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My courses provide the opportunity to bond with your baby 1:1, through using verbal and non-verbal communication and the sensation of touch, which is imperative to babies during their first few months of life. This interaction also helps with forming the attachment bond - helping babies feel safe, loved and secure with a care giver. My classes also give you the opportunity to have interaction with your peers, meet other new parents in a friendly, relaxed environment and could help to reduce post-natal depression and / or any feelings of isolation.


The Butterfly Training routine works all over babies' body from the head to their toes.  Strokes are designed to stimulate many of babies internal systems (for example the digestive, immune and nervous systems).  By regularly stimulating our babies systems (hopefully a part of the daily care routine), we will be giving them a gentle work-out each day and the more we exercise our babies' internal systems, the better overall wellbeing they will achieve.


Baby massage has been proven to ease the following, common baby aliments - digestive problems, teething, nasal congestion, sleep issues, constipation and colic. My course also teaches carers two additional, standalone stroke sequences which specifically target teething and colic and have been proven to be very useful.


Relaxation: The process of massage helps to release oxytocin in both babies' systems and also in carers giving a massage. Oxytocin is a hormone that reduces stress, improves relaxation and also works as a natural pain reliever, which is why my courses can really help with babies' sleeping and pains, such as teething.